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1 Markets are Conversation

Page history last edited by Ferline 12 years ago

The first topic of 95 theses is markets are conversation. If we break this sentence into two terms, we will get the word markets and conversations. Based on what I understood, markets are people. In my management class, i have learned that markets are your customer or people you will sell or buy your products. While, conversations pertains to the casual talks we had with our classmates, friends, families, relatives and etc. to send information and receive feedbacks.

Every creature in the world communicates. The dog communicates with his/her fellow dogs. The fishes also communicated with his/her fellow fishes. The higher form of creation of God is we, human beings also used our mouth to talk with others in a different way. Now, in the new generation, we used our cell phones, computers and other gadgets to talk with our distant loved ones. We talk because we want to inform them. For example, texting a quotable messages to our friends through using our cell phone. In this example, unknowingly we communicate with others. Second, we communicate to persuade our markets to buy our endorsed product. One of the examples is by using advertisement such as television, newspaper and etc to promote or give some advice to choose the best product specifically the one we endorsed. Third, we discuss to entertain other people. We can comfort our friends especially if they are sad. Many singers are now popular just by using their voices. Our country, Philippines were known by using word of mouth in spreading news to other people even if we trace our history. And now, we are using our technology like televisions, internet and etc to spread the news.

Conversations are important in our lives. We can’t resist to talk because it is our nature to speak out what we wants to say. Even the deaf talks by using sign languages. The said topic is related with the popular quote which states “No man is an island”. This means that we, humans are not born to be alone but we are born with others. To be with others, we need to have good conversations with them so that they would like us as individuals. Thus, I agree with this topic “Markets are conversations”.


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